project cairn


A cairn is a man-made pile of stones raised for a purpose. Project Cairn, simply  put, was exactly that. Each stone was carefully hand chiselled and placed to work  harmoniously with the others. Nestled front and centre is a large dry stacked  maple leaf. The leaf a symbol of our beautiful country is a homage to the land that  that project Cairn sits atop. From the moment you pull into the driveway and make  your way up the cedar lined drive theirs is a harmonious connection from exterior  to interior. The entire facade of this incredible home is clad in limestone. Are you  entering a ski lodge in BC or a personal residence in south Western Ontario? Nestled in the rolling hills of Puslinch this home is situated amongst breathtaking  views. Sugar maples line the fields connecting the back 40 to the fireplace within  the heart of the home. We proudly introduce project Cairn.

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