project gladstone

location: guelph, ON

Project Gladstone was an opportunity to pay homage to this homes heritage.  Fabric, Stories and culture define ones “Historic Heritage”. Gladstone being build  in the 1860’s un doubly had many stories to tell. The limestone and granite facade  which was culled from the ground when the foundation was excavated was the  fabric of the building. The masons whom arriss the edges likely sang songs of  their culture as they smacked away with chisel and mallets. It was important we  paired this home with materials to match the quality and era to which it was built.  Town hall pavers were laid in a herringbone pattern to direct the eye up and  towards the true masterpiece. Reclaimed sandstone steps from the Church Of Our  Lady were paired with moss rock boulders for a rustic transition between driveway  and walkway. Dry stone walls were installed to retain the steep grade change from  front door to sidewalk. Native trees, shrubs and perennials were used to retain the  topsoil and soften the stonework. We are proud to present project Gladstone.

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