project travertine

location: aberfoyle, ON

Project Travertine undoubtly lends influences from the Mediterranean. Light blue  water and smooth stone slabs make you feel as though you are in a tropical  paradise walking barefooted ready to shake off the humidity with a refreshing  plunge. Yukka, lemon thymus and tall miscanthus play with all your sences with  contrasting textures, delecate scents and dancing colours. Our clients wanted a  space to escape the challenges of their demanding carreers, a place that  reminded them of the early years of their lives in Greece but only having to travel  through the rear door of their home. Oleander trees in pots are brought in for the  winter but placed in the landscape to be enjoyed, another reminder of the tropical  climate they love. Travertine backs onto a secluded green space which offers  astonishing fall views. Deer and wild turkeys are often welcome visitors reminding  you that you’re in southern Ontario. This project was a drastic transformation of a  beautiful custom home which had little to no connection to the landscape it sat  upon. 150 ton of armour stone was used to raise the back end of the pool creating  an inviting 14’ deck for a relaxing day bed. The pool house is a great space for  guests to sleep overnight starting their day with a hot tub followed by an outdoor  shower. Travertine has much to offer and little need to go anywhere else.

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