why elements hardscaping inc?

inclusive culture

Elements Hardscaping is a company built on passion. A passion for tangible  experiences and creation. We pride ourselves in our inclusive culture which is a  celebration of our teams differences in personalities and skills. While we all chose  Elements for similar reasons our diversity is what makes us unique.

open dialogue

Ownership will always make time for our teammates! From first year apprentice’s  to upper management you are important to us. We want to be sure Elements  Hardscaping is a good fit for you and will continue to be so. We are interested in  hearing what interests you.

modern equipment

At Elements we think it is important to invest in our modern equipment. From hand  held vacuum lifters for pavers to large suction cups for slabs we pride ourselves in  being one of the forefront investors in this modern technology. It not only keeps  our team members safe but also allows your quality to soar. Our large excavators  are equip with Rototilts to ensure our operators and ground teams are safe. We  encourage the use of hydraulics to save our backs and are propelling the industry forward.

personal growth

There are endless opportunities for professional growth at Elements. We are  visionaries and if you will allow us, we will motivate you to push the boundaries of  what you think is possible for you. We would like to celebrate your wins and learn  from our shortcomings. We constantly want to know what you are interested in  and are committed to get you there. From the Red Seal apprenticeship program to  mandatory Health and safety training, We win together!

niche projects

Undoubtedly one of the reasons all of our team mates decided to choose a career  with Elements is our projects. We have an extremely keen eye and the details are  the most important element. We will never choose speed over quality. If the  project is rustic we want to fool the viewer into thinking the work was built 100’s of  years ago. If Modern, we want the lines to be crisp and the cuts planned down to the fraction of the inch. Tolerances are low and expectations are high, we will  always strive to be the best.

work | life balance

Being a family business we understand that there needs to be a balance. Team  mates can expect giving it their best between the hours of 8-6pm Monday to  Friday. We rarely work weekends. That is your time to spend with your family  friends and recharge the batteries. We like to work hard and play hard but keep  those two things seperate. We do quarterly company Bbq’s as a team. The  goodies are supplied by our sister company Holocene Farms which share our core  values. Bbq’s usually happen on a Friday starting at 1-2 pm as not to eat into your  personal time. Enjoy a cold beverage, some perfectly cooked bbq cooked on our  custom offset grill and take a dip in our swim pond to cool off. Maybe get a little  competitive with another crew vs crew volleyball!

safety + maintenance

Team mates safety is of the utmost importance to us at Elements Hardscaping Inc.  We require our teammates to comply with the Ministry of Labour requirements and  more. Respirators, Safety glasses, headphones and gloves are provided to each  team mate. Boot allowances are offered to senior team mates. We use site docs to  organize our daily health and safety documents and our quarterly minutes. We  discuss near misses as a team to learn from one another and catalogue the  findings to train new team members. Our maintenance schedules are also  catalogued and tracked using Site Docs. Our equipment is no different than our  bodies. It is only efficient if it’s maintained correctly.

apprentice employer

We are an apprentice employer offering on-the-job training to those in the Horticultural Technician 441C Apprenticeship Program.

Apprenticeship is a form of post-secondary education like university or college. But there’s a big difference:
Apprentices not only learn skills in a classroom, but receive paid, on­-the-­job training with your employer/sponsor.

You an learn while you earn!

our values

respect. quality. commitment. family. passion.

let's get started on your project

Our knowledge is backed by years of experience offering and completing home improvements for projects regardless of size. We only work with qualified, licensed contractors and pass this guarantee on to you – our customer.