Elements Hardscaping looks at masonry different. We are focused on traditionalism, quality and art. We are not your average stone masons. We are  fuelled by creativity and the desire for tangible experiences. Our goal is to blur the  lines between natures creations and new construction.


Fireplaces once were an essential part of every home. A place of warmth and  nourishment. In modern times, fireplaces are still a gathering point but used for  the aesthetic. Our goal is to provide the client with a one of a kind piece of art  which draws viewers into the space with its powerful presence. We hope that once  the end result is presented that there will be no desire to cover up the  craftsmanship with a television.


Walls come in many shapes and sizes. Our favourite treatment is dry stone. If done  correctly following the principles set by our forefathers these walls will stand for  100’s of years. Bonding and gravity align to hold the stone together. A close  second is mortar work. Once again bonding and binders hold the stone together.  Crisp hand cut corners define the masons work. Less is often more.


This is a category that defines Elements Hardscaping as a business. While there  may be similarities amongst competitors stonework, our scribes are a cut above  the rest. You will never find river rock or aggregate between our stairs and  bordering landscape rockery. Our artisans take the time to ensure the end result  will impress.

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Our knowledge is backed by years of experience offering and completing home improvements for projects regardless of size. We only work with qualified, licensed contractors and pass this guarantee on to you – our customer.